Selected works of Angel A. Acevedo
Selected works of Angel A. Acevedo

On Board Media

Client: On Board Media
Project: Wall of Inspirational Quotes
Deliverables: Typographical wall art layout.
Project Notes: Like many in the industry know, some of the best jobs are those that come via reference. A college classmate, Dayana Ramirez, recommended me for a wall art project in South Beach at On Board Media. They were in the process of renovating their creative space and needed some art for a wall that was roughly 30′ wide.

They wanted to add inspirational, travel related quotes throughout the wall and supplied the quotes, I was able to sneak in one of my favorite Saul Bass quotes. I kept the type in two colors, with the idea that the orange letters would not only be vinyl, but 3D, possibly foam cut-outs. The budget didn’t allow for it, so the letters remained simple vinyl cutouts.


I laid everything out in Illustrator using multiple artboards for accuracy. This was an Instagram photo taken while burning the midnight oil.

I tried to organize the quotes in a way that it told a story, watching out for redundant messages. After approval, the letters were cut in a local sign shop then installed. Unfortunately installation was done while I was on a business trip in Las Vegas, but the sign shop took care of everything and the client was very happy with the results.

Wall Art Process

I chose from a variety of typefaces that would be legible from a distance and still aesthetically interesting.

On Board Media - Wall Art Panoramic 2


On Board Media - Wall Art Panoramic 1

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