Selected works of Angel A. Acevedo
Selected works of Angel A. Acevedo

Linear Duos

I’ve made a few series on Instagram [AlphabetsLetterology] I felt it was time for another personal challenge, a new insta-series.

A few weeks ago, I was watching an old tv show and noticed how distinct the colors were. I wondered if anyone could guess the characters (cartoons or video games) based solely on color lines as reference, as minimal as possible. I did a few lines and used the characters color palette. Came out neat so I kept illustrating some more.

Last week, I decided to upload them (one every afternoon) and let my followers on Instagram guess the characters. Some easy, others not so much. It was a really fun project. I found it interesting how most people could guess the characters by only seeing the colors and height the lines were.

Here are the characters. Try to guess them for yourself! If you need help, go to my Instagram and you’ll see the answers. I may make these into mini-prints. Enjoy!

  • Acevvvedo-LinearDuos-Hare & Fowl
  • Acevvvedo-LinearDuos-Teenage Jerks
  • Acevvvedo-LinearDuos-Cat & Mouse
  • Acevvvedo-LinearDuos-Hero Plumbers
  • Acevvvedo-LinearDuos-Summer Dreamers
  • Acevvvedo-LinearDuos-Nocturnal Detectives
  • Acevvvedo-LinearDuos-Timeline Lovers
  • Acevvvedo-LinearDuos-Yellow Family
  • Vossen-TShirt-Wheel-Slab
  • Acevvvedo-LinearDuos-Mutant Teenagers
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