Selected works of Angel A. Acevedo
Selected works of Angel A. Acevedo

Alpha & Omega [Faith 2013]

Client: Alpha & Omega Church
Project: Fe 2013 Conference
Deliverables: Typographical Wall Art design and Installation
Project Notes: The talented dude, Tommy Diego, contacted me about a wall design his church needed for their Faith 2013 conference. The theme was fighting the good fight of faith, so they had a whole boxing arena style of marketing throughout their collateral.

Wall Art

I took their boxing glove image and brand and made a typographical design out of quotes and scriptures. I then printed them at a local printer using 20# bond large format paper. After cooking some wheat paste, I installed the wall with the help of designer and lady love, Karielys, in about a two day process.

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  • Angel A. Acevvvedo - Alpha & Omega Fe 2013 Wall
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